An analogy is a comparison that points out similarities in two things that might be different in other ways.



  • Ant is to anthill as bird is to nest.
  • Fish is to swim as bird is to _____________.




  1. Choose the items to be compared. (Fish and bird)
    • Identify the connecting clue in the items. (swim)
  2. Determine how the first two items are related.
    • (movement)
  3. Complete the analogy by choosing an item that relates to the third item (movement). Fish is to swim as bird is to fly.



Oral Practice

  • Puppy is to dog as kitten is to _______________ (cat)
  • Rain is to rain drop as snow is to _______________ (snow flake)
  • Bird is to feathers as fish is to _______________ (scales)
  • Foot is to leg as hand is to _______________ (arm)
  • Meow is to cat as bow wow is to _______________ (dog)
  • Air plane is to sky as car is to _______________ (road)



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