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Organize a Vedic Maths Workshop in your City

Do you like Vedic Maths so much so that you would like to spread it? Do you believe that Vedic Maths with its striking methods can revolutionize and change Maths Education in your country? This is your chance to Be the Change!

Join the Vedic Maths Movement by organising a Vedic MathsWorkshop for your city. It would be your way of giving back to your community by supporting and encouraging kids to learn the system. Ignite the fire in them to achieve mathematical excellence through Vedic Maths.

The Vedic Maths workshop is dynamic, awe-inspiring and effective with interactive discussions, documentary films, computer presentations, numerous examples, and mental exercises with a focus on developing and transferring skills spontaneously.

Over the last few years VASISTA has organized hundreds of captivating workshops in different countries in association with various Workshop Coordinators.

You could be the Principal of a school, or a student or even a corporate house manager or an entrepreneur. Organising a workshop is simple.

VASISTA’s Team will mentor you on how to organize workshops. What you need to do and pay attention to and how can you have a successful workshop by focusing on the few important points.

So charge yourself up, give us a call or send us an email. Tell us where you want to organize a workshop and we’ll be at it working with you as team partners.

For Details about the Model, Commission Structure Contact : 8748886600

Vedic Maths Workshop Conducted in these Schools

It Can be Easy...

At VASISTA, associating is as simple as it can get. With no complex strategies and procedures to follow, pursuing your goals is completely easy and hassle-free.

It Can be Fun...

If you are a people’s person, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. As an VASISTA’s Partner, you get to run the whole show, from deciding your customer list to your work timings, it’s all your choice. Besides this, we give you a few tips to make your business more interesting:

It Can be Rewarding...

At VASISTA, we appreciate all the hard-work of our Partner wholeheartedly, with unmatched strength from VASISTA. As our partners in success, we recognise and celebrate your success with great rewards, gifts and opportunities.

It Can be Experiencing...

The VASISTA is your guide in the journey from Novice to the level of Successful Entreprenuer. An incessant and systematic training system, our programs will help sharpen your skills and knowledge, making you confident to handle all kinds of situation.

It is the Road to Succeed...

Success comes unrestrained at VASISTA, with multiple opportunities available for our Partners to grow more and earn more. With just one eligibility requirement for promotion – your business performance, we endeavour to support each of our Partners to reach the pinnacle of success.

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