Where our story began...

In 2010 we had just three center in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Today we are teaching children in communities across India, providing neighborhood environments where humanity combines with ancient knowledge expertise.

Better Instruction

We teach students to celebrate achievements and embrace mistakes as part of the learning process by balancing one-on-one instruction with self-directed learning. We don’t solve the problem for students; we teach students the steps involved in problem-solving and encourage them as they apply those steps in all areas so that they are empowered with new ways of thinking, understanding, and learning.

Better Courseware

Our curriculum uses the science of cognitive development to instill real comprehension. By introducing fundamental learning concepts in the right sequence, students don’t have to memorize: they understand! Combining cognitive learning with academic tutoring makes us unique in the tutoring industry, and ensures that students are not merely repeating what they learned in school.

Better Assessment

Our unique assessment shows us how students learn, their individual cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as what their unique capacity for learning could be. Our unique approach isn’t just a standard testing system; in fact, it’s a dynamic approach to testing, combining various sub-tests in a unique way that lets us tailor the testing methods during the testing process so that every student stays engaged.