Calculations With Zero

Vikaaramaayaanthi dhanarunakhaani na

soonya samyoga viyogathasthu soonyaaddhi suddham

swamrunam kshayam swam vadhaadinaa kham khaharam vibhakthaa:

  Nothing happens (to the number) when a positive or negative number is added with 0. When +ve and -ve numbers are subtracted from 0, the +ve number becomes negative and -ve number becomes +ve. When multiplied with 0, the values of both +ve and -ve numbers become 0, when divided by 0, it becomes infinity (khahara).   VYASA BHASHAYA TO YOGA SUTRA 650 AD

Yathaa ekarekhaa sathasthaane satham

dasasthane dasaiam chaikasthaane yathaa

cha ekathvepi sthree mathaa cha uchyathe duhithaa svasaa cha ithi.

  In the unit place the digit has the same value, in 10th place, 10 times the value and in 100th place 100 times the value, is given.]]>

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