Lankaayaamekam sankukeelam prathishtaapya thenaikam

soothraagram baddhvaa punarmerorupari thadagramanyath

baddhvaa yathaayathaa drusyatha….. thadvath bhoomaavapi kaachidrekha lankaatha:

kharapuratha….. merumasthakaanavagaahya sthithaa saa

punarathra desaanthara vidhaayini syaath

  Fix a pole in Lanka, tie thread on that, take the other end to the North pole, tie it there also, then one can see the line of the thread passing through Lanka, Kharapuri, Arctic point and so many other countries upto the top of Meru. This is international meridian line (Sankaranarayana on Laghubhaskareeya I-23)  


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