De Moivre's (1650 AD) Approximation

Asmat sukshmataroanyo vilikhyate kashcanapi samskara:

ante samasankhyadalavarga saiko guna:, sa eva puna: yugagunito rupayuta: samasankhyadalahato bhaved haara:

trisaradivisa mashankhyaharanat param etad eve va karyamtrijya

(radius) and dividing the product by koti (R cos ).

A correction for cirumference still more precise is being stated here. The multiplier is the square of half the even integer increased by unity. This multiplier multiplied by 4, then increased by unity and then multiplied by half the even integer is the divisor. This correction may be applied after the division by odd integers,3, 5, etc. i.e Circumference = 4D (1-1/3+1/5-1/7….. + ..-1/n(½(n+1)2+1((½(n+1)2 x 4 +1) (½(n+1))]]>

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