Rules of Bodies in Motion

Bhakthe vilomavivare gathiyogenaanulomavivare

dvow gathyantharena labdow dviyogakaalaavatheethaishyow

  Whenever two bodies are travelling in the opposite directions, the distance between them is to be divided by the sum of their speeds. If they move in the same direction, the distance is to be divided by the difference of their speeds. This gives the time required for meeting of the bodies or the time elapsed after meeting of the moving bodies.   SREEDHARACHARYA PATIGANITHA 990 AD  

Ekow naa yojananyashtow yaathyanyo

yojanadvayam yojanaanaan satham panthaa:

sangama: kva gamaagame

  One man travels at 8 yojana speed per day. Another travels at 2 yojana per day, starting simultaneously from the same place. After reaching the destination, the first man comes back. If the length of the track is 100 yojana. Say where is the meeting place of the two? (One going forward and the other traveller returning).  


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