Sine, Cosine, Radius and Arc

Anyonya kotihathayorabhimatha gunayosthrijeejavayaa

hathayo: yogaviyogow syaathaamabhimathagunachaapa


  The sum of the products of Sin A and Cos B and when angles are exchanged, Sin B and Cos A, gives the Sin of the sum of the angles. Similarly the difference of the above gives the value of the sin of angular difference. Sin (A+B) = Sin A Cos B+Cos A Sin B And Sin (A-B) = Sin A Cos B – Cos A Sin B.  

Yadveshta chaapagunatha ccharavargayoga moolaardhamishta

dhanurardhaguna: pradishta:

jyaanaam nijathriguna vargaviseshamoolam kotisthadoona

sahithow thrigunow svabhaanow

  Square root, of the square of a chord (R sin ) diminished from squares of radius gives the koti (R cos ). This subtracted from radius gives the (small) arrow of arc. This added to radius is big arrow of the arc…..]]>

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