Tycho Brahe Reduction of Ecliptic

Patonasya vidhostu kotibhujayorjive mithastadayet antyakshepasarahatam

vadhamamum vikshepakotyaharet labdham vyasadaloddhrtam himakare svarnam,

vipate vidhau yugmaayugmapadopage; vidhurayam spashto bhagole bhavet

  Multiply the tabular cosine and sine of the moon minus node and the product by the tabular versine of the maximum latitude of the moon. Divide this by the tabular cosine of the latitude at the particular moment and the quotient is to be divided again by the tabular radius. The result is to be added to or subtracted from the moon’s longitude, as the moon minus node is in an even or an odd quadrant, respectively. The true moon measured on the ecliptic is thus obtained.]]>

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