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A Little Bit About Vedic Maths

The competitive exams of today are virtually a race against time. The candidate is expected to perform an incredible amount of mathematical work in a very short time. The time available for sorting out one question ranges from 15 to 36 seconds. Given such a scenario, traditional methods of solving questions seem anachronistic-outdated, to put it simply.

A new approach is the nee of the hour – an approach that is speed oriented and yet simple to follow and apply. This is exactly where Vedic Maths comes in to the picture.

Vedic Maths is shorter, quicker and easy to remember techniques enable any student to do calculations faster than they would with conventional methods.

Be a Workshop Coordinator

Join the Vedic Maths Movement by organising a Vedic Maths Workshop for your city. It would be your way of giving back to your community by supporting and encouraging kids to learn the system. Ignite the fire in them to achieve mathematical excellence through Vedic Maths.

The Vedic Maths workshop is dynamic, awe-inspiring and effective with interactive discussions, documentary films, computer presentations, numerous examples, and mental exercises with a focus on developing and transferring skills spontaneously.

Over the last few years VASISTA has organized hundreds of captivating workshops in different countries in association with various Workshop Coordinators.

You could be the Principal of a school, or a student or even a corporate house manager or an entrepreneur. Organising a workshop is simple.

VASISTA’s Team will mentor you on how to organize workshops. What you need to do and pay attention to and how can you have a successful workshop by focusing on the few important points.

So charge yourself up, give us a call or send us an email. Tell us where you want to organize a workshop and we’ll be at it working with you as team partners.

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