Vedic Maths 2

What You Learn...

  • Left To Right Addition
    Left To Right Subtraction
    Left To Right Multiplication


Multiplication Using Average
Group Multiplication
Series Multiplication
Series Multiplication – Near To Base
Series Multiplication – Near To Working Base

Decimals – Addition Of Decimal Numbers
Decimals – Subtraction Of Decimal Numbers
Multiplication Of Decimal Numbers
Division – With Decimal Points And Decimal Division

Fractions – Addition And Subtraction Of Fractions
Adding Using Vertically And Crosswise With Coprime Denominators
Vertically And Crosswise For Non-Coprime Denominators
Comparing Fractions
Multiplying Fractions
Dividing By A Fraction
Mixed Practice

Proportion – Solving Ratio Equations
Problems In Direct Proportion
Problems In Indirect Proportion
Dividing The Quantity In A Given Ratio

Aryabhatta’s Method Of Finding The Square Root
Square Roots By Dwandwa Yoga (Duplex) Method
Cube Root-Division Method

Averages – Using Module To Find The Average
Percentage Increase
Percentage Reductions

HCF-Using Lopana Sthapanbhyam (Elimination And Retention)
LCM By Vertically And Crosswise
LCM Using Anurupyena ( Proportionately)
LCM – Using Vyasti Samstih (Specific And General)

Simple Equation Solving Equation By Transpose And Adjust
Simple Equation First Principles
Type 1 : If The Equation Is In The Form Of Ax + B = Cx + D
Type 2 : If The Equation Is In The Form Of (X+A) (X+B) = (X+C) (X+D)
Type 3 : If The Equation Is In The Form Of
Type 4 : If The Equation Is In The Form Of
Solving Simultaneous Equations

The Products Of Sum And Differences
Sum/Products Of Squares – Dwandwa Yoga
Sum/Products Of Squares – Nikhilam
Multiplication With Squares Of A Number
Sum Or Difference Of Cubes
Product With Cubes Of Two Digit Number
Division Of Sums
Division Of Products
Division Of Sums Of Products
Division Of Product Of Sums
Division Of Squares And Cubes
Square Roots Of Sum Or Product Of Numbers
Square Roots Of Sums Of Squares